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Origi Remains Confident After First Premier League Start

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Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

After injuries to Christian Benteke, Danny Ings and Daniel Sturridge, Jürgen Klopp elected to start Divock Origi against Tottenham. Origi failed to score in the match, but he played fairly well and hit the crossbar with a first half header. The performance encouraged the striker, who believes that goals are on the way

"I tried to work hard for the team," Origi said. "It's a new system and I was very excited, just a bit unlucky with the finishing but I'm sure it'll come."

"Everybody has encouraging words for me so I just have to continue like this and it will be okay," he added. "Everybody says that I have the qualities, I just have to work hard and the goals will come."

Origi also expressed disappointment in the injuries that his team has experienced.

"I feel for sorry for the boys that are out but I will just try to support the team and do my best."