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Liverpool the "Only Club" for Klopp to Coach, Says Old Mainz Boss

Something drew Jürgen Klopp to Liverpool, and his former boss and close friend thinks it's the same thing that drew him to Mainz and Dortmund.

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

FSG thinks they've made the right choice for Liverpool. Fans think they've made the right choice for Liverpool. But Jürgen Klopp's old general manager at Mainz, Christian Heidel, knows they've made the right choice for Liverpool because Liverpool was quite possibly the only place Klopp could logically have gone following his sabbatical.

"If you've worked in Mainz before, then in Dortmund, then maybe Liverpool is the only club left to coach," Heidel told Liverpool's website in a longer interview definitely worth reading. "There are many, many great emotions, that's what Kloppo needs and I think that's part of the reason he chose to go there."

"As a person Jurgen Klopp is someone who never forgets where he comes from, namely Mainz 05, and to this day he always returns to his roots and visits, even if we're not the least comparable to Dortmund or Liverpool. Actually I'm pretty sure the people in Liverpool will love him because he's just the right type of guy for Liverpool."

These are kind words spoken by a longtime friend of Klopp's, but they further confirm speculation as to why Klopp didn't hold out for other jobs at big European clubs that might become available in the coming months or during the summer. Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Chelsea, and possibly even Manchester City might be looking for new leadership, but Klopp's early choice sounds more and more like the perfect one for the man from the Black Forest.

"Kloppo is a very intelligent man, his English is alright and I've heard in Liverpool they speak English like the Bavarians speak German over here!" Heidel joked. "I think he can do it, he's just got this aura that can excite people - not just the players but everyone around him and I'm pretty sure that in a couple of days or maybe a few weeks, Jürgen Klopp will be a household name in the UK."

If Heidel got one thing wrong about Klopp, it's how long it took him to become a household name in England. It's quite possible it took not a few weeks, not a couple of days, but just the single day he was announced as the man to lead Liverpool into the future.

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