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Klopp Assistant Arrival Delayed by Work Permit Issues

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Zeljko Buvac, long-time advisor to Jürgen Klopp, had been unable to join the club due to work permit issues but has now arrived and spent his first day overseeing training as assistant manager.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Along with Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool brought on the German manager's two most trusted assistants when they hired him to replace Brendan Rodgers. Analyst Peter Krawietz had already arrived, overseeing training this week along with Klopp and Pepijn Lijnders, but Zeljko Buvac had not been able to take part.

With all the paperwork signed between the club and their new coaches, the problem was work permit issues that were preventing the Bosnian from going to work in England. They were finally solved on Wednesday morning. Nearly a week after Klopp signed, Buvac has now been allowed to join up as his assistant manager after filling the same role over the years at Dortmund.

Buvac has in the past been in charge of running the drills during training, managing the minutiae and allowing Klopp to focus on the bigger picture. In his absence, there was an expanded role for Lijnders, the highly regarded young Dutch coach the club created a new role for over the summer.

Fenway Sports Group continue to have high hopes for Lijnders, and after convincing Klopp to keep him on, it appears he is set for an expanded role than he had under Rodgers. Still, it was a blow for the new manager to be without his trusted number two while he settled into life at his new club and prepared for his first game in charge.

The good news, though, is that Buvac's work permit has belatedly come through, meaning he will be able to join the coaching staff and squad as they travel to London to face Spurs in the early kickoff on Saturday.