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Carlo Ancelotti was “Offered the Liverpool Job”

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Out of work manager Harry Redknapp claims sources within the club have told him Carlo Ancelotti was offered the Liverpool job first but turned it down.

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Harry Redknapp, out of work Sky Sports deadline day interviewee and fan of players who just run around a little bit, is doing his best to keep his name in the news by riling up Liverpool fans this week as he wades in to offer his take on the club's recent managerial change.

Redknapp, a vocal supporter of Brendan Rodgers, has insisted Carlo Ancelotti and not Jurgen Klopp was first choice but that the Italian turned the job offer down. He claims high level sources within Liverpool have told him this, though most will be dubious about just what sources the ex-Spurs man might have.

"I have heard from good sources that he was offered the Liverpool job," Redknapp insisted while speaking to TalkSport when pressed on Liverpool's decision to bring in Klopp as Rodgers' replacement two months into his fourth year in charge. "I don't think he wanted it, [but] they spoke to him at some stage."

It's possible that feelers were sent out at some point, perhaps over the summer while Rodgers' job was still in doubt following a disastrous 2014-15 season. Ancelotti, clearly, is a marquee name, a proven manager, and a man Liverpool could have done a lot worse than to at the very least consider for the manager position.

All signs, though, point to Klopp being Fenway Sports Group's first choice. Not just now, but since they first bought the club five years ago. At the time, Klopp's success at Dortmund was identified as one of the templates they would try to learn from—along with Arsenal—as they sought to rebuild Liverpool.

When the manager job came open a season and a half later, they only began to look at managers like Roberto Martinez and Brendan Rodgers when it was made clear Klopp wouldn't be willing to consider making the switch to Anfield. For FSG, Klopp has long been the ideal manager. Now they have him.

Ancelotti will surely find himself a top club to manager come January or next summer, too. And it's clear Liverpool couldn't have gone wrong with either big-name, out of work manager. It's just that Redknapp's supposed sources aside, all signs point to Klopp always being FSG's first choice.

"I do like the look of Klopp," Redknapp conceded. "He's a good appointment. He looks bright, has great enthusiasm, and he looks like he could be a really good addition to the Premier League, so I'm looking forward to watching Liverpool play over the next few years."