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Lallana Excited to Swap England for Klopp

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Sometimes it's hard to imagine playing for England when you've got Jürgen Klopp waiting to meet you back home in Liverpool, or at least that's one interpretation of Adam Lallana's feelings on the subject.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Liverpool fans and former players have been very outspoken in their enthusiasm for new manager Jürgen Klopp since it was announced on Thursday that he'd be taking over the reins at the club. The one group that hadn't been heard from yet in any major way was the players themselves, many of whom are away with their national teams during the international break, but Adam Lallana took some time to laud his new boss on Sunday.

"I am excited, very excited, to work with the new manager," Lallana said while at England's camp. "I saw the press conference and, like everyone at the press conference and the reaction he is getting, it is going to be exciting. I have obviously got one more game with England and I am fully focused on it, but I am excited to get back to the club afterwards.

"Of course it is a big season. Last year was frustrating. Even the beginning of this season was frustrating, picking up yet again another injury. I am working really hard to keep fit because I feel if I stay fit, then the club will see the best of me. It was obviously disappointing to see Brendan go and our indifferent start, but change happens in football."

The idea of at least one player nerding out over Klopp's press conference is certainly a delight, and it's nigh impossible that Lallana is the only one to be reacting enthusiastically to the attitude and approach that the new manager quickly projected to everyone listening.

Klopp apparently skipped a scheduled day off on Sunday in order to spend some time getting to know his players without any international obligations, and the rest of them will have returned to the fold midweek so that the team can start their new Kloppified preparations for the trip to White Hart Lane. Once they’ve all met, we'll expect a non-stop Klopp love fest coming out of Melwood.