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Klopp Agent: No Call From Liverpool Until After Brendan Rodgers was Fired

Liverpool's best detectives were on the case early to figure out when exactly their favoured club started talking to Jürgen Klopp about the manager's job, and now additional parties have come forward with expert witness testimony to set the record straight.

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Liverpool signed Jürgen Klopp almost faster than guacamole goes bad in the fridge, leaving many to question whether or not Liverpool had set things in motion for Klopp's eventual arrival while Brendan Rodgers was still running training and selecting team sheets during his last few weeks at the club.

The concern was largely an ethical one, with some feeling that a club like Liverpool shouldn't be operating behind the current manager's back while quietly sussing out his replacement. There's a certain way these things are done, and that way usually involves not approaching anyone new until the old manager has been let go. To do otherwise is not the Liverpool Way™, and now there's been some clarification as to the exact sequence of events that led to Klopp becoming Liverpool manager.

“The first call from Liverpool came after the dismissal as coach of Rodgers," said Klopp's agent Marc Kosicke. "Before Liverpool there were naturally quite a few inquiries. But Jürgen always asked me not to take it any further."

Liverpool chairman Tom Werner revealed earlier that Liverpool had indeed "thought about" Klopp for a long time given the number of managerial changes under their tenure, so it's very possible that earlier conversations prior to both Kenny Dalglish and Brendan Rodgers being appointed helped accelerate conversations this time around.

The possibility remains that both sides are sticking to a mutually agreed upon party line in order to avoid angering fans, of course. But with both sides acknowledging admiration-but-no-formal-contact until after Brendan Rodgers' dismissal, there's not much left for fans to do than to either accept the story at face value or speculate idly about underhanded dealings.

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