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Hamann: Klopp's The Right Man For The Job

The praise for Liverpool's newest boss continues, as Didi Hamann stops by to talk about Klopp, and throw a wee bit of passive aggressive shade on Rodgers.

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Former Liverpool players have been coming out of the woodwork this week, all but unanimously praising the newest hire, Jürgen Norbert Klopp.

Former Red and current German national Dietmar "Didi" Hamann has received more attention than most, due to his shared heritage with the new boss. He was full of positive things to say before the hire, and judging by his comments to the club's official website, he's over the moon now:

"He's the right man for the job."

"He's a genuine, honest guy who will tell the players and the fans how it is, and I think for a club like Liverpool that's been missing for a number of years."

Missing for a number of years? My, to whom could you possibly be referring? This is some outstanding analysis by Hamann, who alluded to one of the biggest complaints about Rodgers: his routinely vacuous, absurd comments which seemed to be disconnected from reality.

However, Hamann kept things far more positive than I have managed thus far, going on to talk about Klopp's phenomenal record at Dortmund:

"When he went to Dortmund he joined a team on the verge of going bankrupt and being relegated and he turned them into title winners, cup finalists into cup winners, and Champions League finalists.

"He's here for a number of years now hopefully and in his tenure if he wants to be a success he has to win titles - there's no getting away from it because this club is about winning titles."

When asked if he had any contact with Klopp prior to his decision to come, Didi flatly denied the notion, explaining that Liverpool doesn't need his help:

"I've not spoken with him before he came here because Liverpool Football Club doesn't need selling to anyone, and everyone around the world knows what a history and what a tradition it carries.

"If he did ask me I couldn't have said anymore because Liverpool is a fantastic club. I think he will grasp the history and the culture of the club and that's why I'm glad he is here."

Well said. Indeed, Klopp seems to be a rare football romantic, one who "gets it," and genuinely wanted to come to Anfield. I can't believe we still have to wait a tortuous week to see his big frame pacing the sidelines.

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