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Milner On Europa League: Take Care Of Business Early

In an interview with the official club website, temporary captain James Milner spoke about tonight's upcoming clash with FC Sion at Anfield, and the overall strategy for success in Europe.

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Winning at home and not losing away has proven to be a successful, albeit obvious, strategy for handling European competitions. This was only one of many truth-bombs Liverpool vice captain James Milner dropped in an interview with the club's website:

"It's nice to take care of business early and qualify. It's probably important to win the group as well.

"But I think it was important not to lose [in Bordeaux] and if we can win our home games, that gives you a good base to go from and puts you in a good position."

So, winning is good, y'all. Following the logic so far? Outstanding.

If Milner features tonight, and by the interview that seems to be the plan, he'll make his European Anfield debut as captain. Although the atmosphere around the legendary stadium has been lacking lately, Milner sees it as the responsibility of the players to arouse their excitement, not the other way around:

"It's down to us to get the fans into the game, whether it's a tackle or a good pass, a shot or a good start to the game.

"And get the tempo into the game and get the fans behind you. The support we get is amazing and they can help us so much."

No interview about European Nights™ could be complete without the obligatory quotes about how great Anfield is. Well, I certainly wouldn't want to deprive you, dear reader, of those:

"The atmosphere that's created on those European nights at Anfield and midweek games is always great. Those teams are going to come here and hopefully not enjoy it; enjoy the atmosphere and that's about it, and we'll get the points."

Indeed, let's hope Sion don't enjoy tonight (which, theoretically means Liverpool will enjoy it? I don't know, sounds suspicious). Kickoff is at 8:05 PM GMT/3:05 PM EST.

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