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Brendan Rodgers Says Liverpool Made "Too Many Mistakes" Against Leicester City

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers isn't happy with Liverpool's performance in their 2-2 draw on New Years Day.

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Of course, none of those mistakes could have been yours, right Brenno?
Of course, none of those mistakes could have been yours, right Brenno?
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Liverpool were up 2-0 at home against the worst side in the league... and then, just like that, it was 2-2. While 2-0 felt like a harsh scoreline for the run of play, given the fact that their goals came off penalties, a 2-0 lead, at home, against the last-placed team in the EPL should be enough to win.

Of course, that would be boring, and Liverpool are anything but boring.

Manager Brendan Rodgers likely would have preferred a boring second half, though, instead of watching his defense and midfield melt down in agony. "We probably got what we deserved in the end," he said to open up his post match comments. "I don't think we played well, in all honesty, and I thought Leicester played very well.

"We found ourselves 2-0 up in a game that we didn't deserve to be," Rodgers went on. "But we still created chances - in particular in the second half. But it was always a dangerous game. Leicester played very well and have got players with speed at the top end of the field, which always makes it dangerous."

The problem Liverpool ran in to is that they didn't capitalize on the chances they generated, with a combination of poor finishing and a catastrophic lack of teamwork that lead to several shots being blocked by teammates keeping Liverpool from adding a third goal. Leicester didn't have such problems, and were able to claw their way back in.

"We're obviously disappointed at being 2-0 up and conceding the goals that we did - really poor goals, giving the ball away so cheaply, not defending well enough when you are getting shots scored from outside the box."

"It was interesting because we talked about it. We had a plan in place in terms of after the opponent scores or after we score, looking at that five-minute spell and an idea of what to do and how to work that.

"Unfortunately, we failed to do that. We gave away simple moments of possession; passes that are simple, we gave the ball away. We recovered the ball again and then lost it again.

"From that, you've got to defend better. For their second goal, [Riyad Mahrez] has got in. We had them all locked in, lots of numbers on one side of the field so that he can't come out of that.

"He ended up coming across and sliding it in; then we had to do better on the edge of the box. The shot came in too easy. You've got to be strong and aggressive and block that."

-Source: LFC Official site

While Rodgers is plenty eager to say that his players weren't good enough, he skirts completely around the fact that the team wasn't set up at it's best. The Gerrard-Lucas pivot was, again, ineffective. Henderson was, again, wasted out wide. The team, again, struggled to link up with the attack.

Did Rodgers acknowledge any of this? No. It was as if he took all the lessons learned from the huge win over Swansea on Monday and threw them away. The closest he came to acknowledging that things got screwed up in the meantime was saying that Liverpool "weren't as bright" on the ball as they were against Swansea.

So in the end, despite the chance for showing fire or maybe even some honesty, Rodgers took the same old middle ground, lets-not-upset-anyone approach to his press conference. Which... whatever. It is what it is, and frankly we shouldn't have expected any different.

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