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Arsenal 3, Liverpool 4: Man of the Match

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With a heart pounding win in the books, we want you to rate Liverpool's players and choose your man of the match

Michael Regan/Getty Images

There it is, Reds: Liverpool notch their first win of the campaign in a see-saw contest, nearly coughing up a three goal lead after coming out gangbusters to start the second half. After a relatively drab first half, Coutinho, Lallana, Mane, and Klavan all impressed, and Liverpool managed to hold on against Arsenal's late resurgence to close out a pulsating encounter.

Now let us know how you saw it. Hitting the thumbs up button is a vote to move the player up the list - or to help keep them on top. Hitting thumbs down is a vote to push that player closer to the bottom. It's half man of the match poll and half power ranking, and we want to find out who you think player well after each Liverpool match and, at the other end, who'd you'd maybe like to see given the next game off.

At the end of the month we'll go through the results of the month's polls and vote The Liverpool Offside's player of the month and, come May, those monthly results will help to determine your TLO player of the season for 2016-17.