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Lucas On Big Games, Missing Phil, And Eternal Optimism.

Papa Lucas was back dropping some knowledge on us all, focusing on what it's like to run out for the first time at Old Trafford, and on missing his fellow countryman Philippe Coutinho.

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Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

In a scant few hours, Liverpool Football Club will run out at Old Trafford in the latest edition of the rivalry between England's two most successful squads. Given the youth and inexperience at Liverpool, the Reds might have to worry about the big moment getting the best of the new arrivals.

Lucas Leiva, on the other hand, seems unfazed by the prospect in an interview with the club's official website:

"It's different but it's something that you have to go through.

"I remember in 2009 I was quite young and I played at Old Trafford, we won 4-1 and I probably wasn't expecting that start - you just have to get through it.

"The young players today have a lot of experience at a very early stage, they play a lot of big games and with the national team, so I think they will be fine."

Roberto Fimino, Emre Can, Jordon Ibe, and Joe Gomez would all be making their Old Trafford debuts if they find their way onto the pitch. At least three of the above names seem likely to start.

And for any young would-be superhero trying to make up for Philippe Coutinho's unfortunate absence, Lucas had the following advice to give:

"Don't try to [do] what Philippe does because I don't think that's fair to anybody [to expect]."

Wise words from the long-serving Liverpool midfielder. As for the most recent disappointing match against West Ham?

"Of course our last result wasn't great but we had three other results that people were excited about, so it's three against one."

Lucas math(s), for the win. Let's hope his unsinkable optimism pans out with an equally positive performance away to Manchester United.

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