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Alisson Speaks of LFC Support After Father’s Passing

It’s nice to know that this team has each other’s backs.


As Fabinho did last week, Alisson Becker spoke to Brazilian outlet UOL ahead of the country’s first game against Serbia. Alisson elaborated on what happened when his father passed during the pandemic, how his club teammates tried to fly him back to his hometown to attend his father’s funeral, and why he ultimately didn’t go back.

“I remember that the time he passed away was the height of the pandemic and I was unable to attend the funeral. I participated online, it was my decision. Liverpool offered me everything to travel there, my teammates offered to charter a flight so I could go straight to Porto Alegre. They would do it for me if I wanted to, but I couldn’t go right now.”

“My wife was pregnant, she was at risk, and I couldn’t put her in danger. I couldn’t leave her alone. She suffered as much as I did. My concern was my mother, but my brother managed to be with her. It was a rational decision to stay away at that time.”

“Liverpool was also going through a difficult time, fighting for a place in the Champions League, and if I had gone to Brazil I would have had to spend some time isolated and I don’t know if I would have had time to return in time to finish the season. My teammates also needed me.”

Of course, we all know that it led to one of the most incredible moments in club folklore, and an incredibly emotional interview that laid bare the toll of what our keeper had been through. One of the best things about this squad has been that they all seem to genuinely like each other, and have been supportive in times of individual or collective hardship. It’s nice to read about another instance where they really tried to exemplify the club’s screed and go above and beyond for each other. YNWA.

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