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Liverpool Internationals: Diogo Jota’s Portugal Out After Loss to Belgium

The good news is: he can have a nap now.

Portugal v Israel - International Friendly Photo by Gualter Fatia/Getty Images

There’s very few Liverpool players left in the Euro 2020, but honestly that’s probably a good thing because—after the last season—surely it’s nap time? Anyway, we can go ahead and add Diogo Jota to that list after Portugal lost 1-0 to Belgium in today’s Round of 16 game.

The game itself wasn’t worth commenting on (and some commentators genuinely stopped commenting for large swathes out of sheer boredom) until Thorgan Hazard’s goal just before the half ended. The rest of the game was a cautious one, with Jota getting one of the few attempts on goal for the Portuguese side.

It’s unfortunate that Jota will not go any further in the Euros (even if a lot of us are pretty happy to see the back of the captain of that team), but he will be leaving the tournament after playing in all four games for his country with a goal and an assist under his belt.

Jota continues to be one of the stronger players on this Portuguese side and will hopefully take the team to greater heights in their next tournament. For now, though, he can come back to Liverpool and spend his time recovering and recuperating before the next season begins.

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