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Euro Roundup: Games Featuring Reds’ Players

Kabak vs. Shaqiri, Hendo vs. Robbo, and other fun clashes are coming up.

FBL-EURO-2020-2021-SWITZERLAND-TRANING Photo by OZAN KOSE/AFP via Getty Images

Apparently Euro 2020 is not some vague set of qualifier games that risks club players’ fitness during international and summer breaks, for an event that’s set to occur in the distant future. It’s happening now. Why’s it called Euro 2020, if it’s concluding in 2021? Is it different from the Nations League? Does non-club football matter?

Anyway, in Group A, Power Cube Shaq, young Neco, and former substitute defender Ozan Kabak will face off at various points. All times are in BST.

  1. Turkey v Italy (June 11 - 8pm)
  2. Wales v Switzerland (June 12 - 2pm)
  3. Turkey v Wales (June 16 - 5pm)
  4. Italy v Switzerland (June 16 - 8pm)
  5. Italy v Wales (June 20 - 5pm)
  6. Switzerland v Turkey (June 20 - 5pm)

In group D, it’s Hendo vs. Robbo! Fun!

  1. England v Croatia (June 13 - 2pm)
  2. Scotland v Czech Republic (June 14 - 2pm)
  3. England v Scotland (June 18 - 8pm)
  4. Czech Republic v England (June 22 - 8pm)
  5. Croatia v Scotland (June 22 - 8pm)

If you want to watch our dreamy Spanish king play for his country, Group E will feature Thiago Alcantara.

  1. Spain v Sweden (June 14 - 8pm)
  2. Spain v Poland (June 19 - 8pm)
  3. Slovakia v Spain (June 23 - 5pm)

And Group F has the best Portuguese footballer IN THE WORLD, Dio-goal Jota.

  1. Hungary v Portugal (June 15 - 5pm)
  2. Portugal v Germany (June 19 - 5pm)
  3. Portugal v France (June 23 - 8pm)

Hope someone cool wins, and none of the Reds get injured!

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