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Watch: Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino Run the Show for Senegal and Brazil

The two Liverpool stars had a fantastic evening on international duty when facing off against each other in Singapore.

Brazil v Senegal - International Friendly Photo by Allsport Co./Getty Images

Life without Liverpool, especially these days, is a cold, dark, cruel place. International duty? Really? Now? When Liverpool are playing so well, running roughshod over the league, and with our biggest rival on the horizon?


No, really, it’s fine. We probably have housework to catch up on. Maybe read that book we’ve been meaning to read. Some such or another.

Our beloved players have been shipped out all over the world to represent teams that aren’t Liverpool for some FIFA-mandated reason. Perhaps it’s your cup of tea. Or, perhaps you’d rather occupy your weekend with a rare non-football thing instead.

Regardless, you’ll probably want to see this every-touch compilation of Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane when the two faced off against each other in a friendly between Brazil and Senegal in Singapore.

The match ended 1-1, with both of our lads coming up big when it counted. Roberto Firmino opened up scoring with a sublime chip from close range. [Insert “if Messi did it” banter here].

And just before the half, Mane won a second penalty in as many games, which his teammate Famara Diedhiou converted from the spot.

Firmino started and played an hour, but Mane stayed on the pitch for the full 90’. Fabinho was an unused substitute. Brazil has one more match in Singapore against Nigeria, kicking off tomorrow, before we get our lads back, whereas Mane is done with internation duty this time around.