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Lallana: Pressures of Europa League Can Help Liverpool Players at Euro

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As the only England players to have played in a European cup final this year, Liverpool's representatives on the England national team can bring a little something extra to the pressures of the tournament.

I haven't see these kits before now. They are terrible.
I haven't see these kits before now. They are terrible.
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

England's national team are no strangers to pressure. Regardless of the quality of the team at any given tournament, hopes are high that they'll make it to at least a round or two past the round at which they inevitably flame out. But at this summer's Euros, England might actually surprise a few people with the squad they've put together, and Adam Lallana thinks he and his Liverpool teammates might have something a little extra to the table to keep the pressure off.

"Those Europa League nights with Liverpool will definitely help going into the tournament," Lallana explained. "Those big one-off games are very much what the Euros are going to be about.  There's a lot of pressure, a lot riding on it but you learn you have to treat it like a normal game, don't get too up for it and treat it with the right respect. You can't get overly worked up or you can do impulsive things, it's important to be in the right frame of mind."

"I have some great memories of those nights -€” the comeback against Dortmund was massive and remarkable, the United games were special too. It was just bitterly disappointing that we played as we did in the second half of the final."

Yes, yes it was, Adam. While we'll have to wait few more days to see if England can normalize the intense pressure of playing Russia, Slovakia, and Wales during the group stage, one thing is certain: England are managed by a man who has not once but twice led a team all the way to the Europa League final, so if anyone else knows that kind of pressure, it's Roy Hodgson.