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Martin Skrtel Not Above Kicking Daniel Sturridge, Rates Roy Hodgson, and Hates Nice Things

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Worst. Interview. Of. All. Time. (Maybe.)

This unflattering camera angle brought to you buy literally every dude ever on a dating website.
This unflattering camera angle brought to you buy literally every dude ever on a dating website.
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If #topbantz between teammates is totally your thing, Group B at Euro is definitely where it's at. Between England, Wales, and Slovakia, Liverpool have more than a handful of players ready to talk about facing one another. As captain of Slovakia, Martin Škrtel has been getting more time at the microphone than normal, and he's got some super competitive feelings about facing Daniel Sturridge on Monday.

"It's not a normal situation but we're professionals and this is part of the job," Skrtel said. "I know them and they know me, though there's more to the match than just that. In a game like this there are no such things as ‘friends'. You can be friends before or after the match but not out on the pitch where everyone will be giving his all for his team and doing his best to win the game. If you asked Daniel, he'd answer the same. We just try and do the best we can for our team. If that means having to kick him if he is through on goal, then yes. Of course I will."

Super cool stuff, Martin! Competition is competition, but, like, maybe don't injure your oft-injured current-but-almost-ex-teammate, maybe. Just a thought. Consider it a parting gift to Liverpool fans. In case the thought of a last ditch tackle against Sturridge wasn't enough to cause heart palpitations, Škrtel went on to speak glowlingly about Roy Hodgson's brief tenure at Liverpool.

"Obviously the time he spent at the club wasn't very successful for us as a team," Škrtel made sure to point out.  "Personally I rate him highly because, in my eyes, he's a quality manager. I never had any kind of problem with him. With his experience and quality, that made him a national team manager and he's done great work with them. They won all the games in the qualifiers and have done well so far in the Euros. That's the best answer."

Sure, okay. Should Slovakia advance to the next round, prepare yourself for Martin Škrtel interviews detailing how much he enjoys kicking puppies and thinks hot dogs are definitely sandwiches.