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Keeping it Real with Toure

After heading in to the international break with the team on a high, the club's veteran center back is serving up equal doses of optimism and caution in an interview with he official site.

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I'll take pretty much any excuse to use this picture.
I'll take pretty much any excuse to use this picture.
Clive Brunskill

Like much of the fanbase, Kolo Toure and the Liverpool squad are delighted with the start that they've had in the Premier League. Three matches, three wins, and three clean sheets has made for about as good a start as could have been desired coming in to the league campaign, and leading the league coming out of the international break has had fans clamoring for more of the same.

The veteran centerback has been through two league-winning seasons, as well as a number of far less impressive finishes, so Toure has learned to mix his excitement with a healthy dose of pragmatism. In an interview with the official site, Toure warned that if the club can't keep up it's performances, all the current excitement will be for naught.

"A great start is very important, definitely - but it is better to take it game-by-game.

"We've been playing every game like a cup final and we want to win games - when we go out, it doesn't matter where we're going to play or against who we're going to play, we will give 100 per cent and try to win.

"What we've done so far is finished now - we've won three games, but that is finished. It is the next step that is the most important, and that is going to be Swansea. We will put everything in to try and win this game because the past is done. It's finished."

Toure is completely correct: in order to maintain their momentum, they absolutely have to keep amassing positive results, no matter the opposition. This is especially important for Liverpool right now, as they're trying to force their way back in to the Champions League picture and need to take every opportunity that they're given to keep themselves high up the table.

There's definitely been some issues along the way, but the important thing is that the team has been able to get three points every match anyways. There should be more points for the taking at the Liberty Stadium as Swansea are facing a level of fixture congestion that they haven't faced before, as they must travel to Spain to face Valencia on Thursday before a Sunday trip to London and Crystal Palace.

Still, Liverpool can't let the confidence of their start and situation let them get complacent and think that they have points in the bag. That's where the value of winning veterans like Toure come in, as they can help coach younger players through spots like this and keep them focused on the task at hand. He's been through the highs and lows of a career in the EPL, and knows what pitfalls must be avoided to keep things moving.

Toure went on about the state of the team (though he said the team is only giving 100% effort, which I'm sure Brendan Rodgers is just mortified about) and talked some about facing Swansea. Head over to the official site and read up, and take in the video of his interview that the club oh-so-graciously provided.

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