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Wolves Release Anti-Tragedy Chanting Stance Ahead of Liverpool’s Visit

The club aim to make their stance visible before Saturday’s match, and remind supporters of new legislation

Nottingham Forest Fans Plan Show of Support for Hillsborough Victims

Plans for a banner in support of the victims and against tragedy chanting came as a reaction to chants at Forest’s City Ground when Liverpool visited in the autumn.

Klopp Praises Arsenal Fans For “Most Respectful Minute’s Silence”

The visiting Gunners fans respectfully observed a minute’s silence in tribute to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster, an occurrence that is sadly rare around the Premier League.

MP Calls On Premier League To Take Action Against Hillsborough Chants

Ian Byrne has penned a letter to the Premier League asking for their support of his Real Truth Legacy Project.

Rangers Manager and Captain Pay Respects at Hillsborough Memorial

Liverpool play Rangers on Tuesday

Billy Hogan: Paris Experience Had “Echoes of the Hillsborough Disaster”

The club CEO provided an update on the ongoing inquiry into the Champions League incident.

Klopp Comments On Vile Hillsborough Chanting: “Football Does Not Need This”

Liverpool’s manager writes that anyone who comes to a football match with the intention of making light of a tragedy that resulted in people losing their lives should just stay home instead.

FA Cup Semi-Final Marred By Hillsborough Disrespect

A small section of Manchester City fans chanted during a minute of silence meant to honor the 97 fans unlawfully killed in the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster.

Andrew Devine Added To Anfield’s Hillsborough Memorial

Andrew Devine became the 97th victim of the 1989 Hillsborough Stadium disaster when he passed as a result of the injuries sustained on that tragic day last July.

Liverpool’s Iron Lady, Anne Williams, Receives A Proper Mural On Anfield Road

Anne Williams was instrumental in the fight for justice for the Hillsborough victims, after losing her 15 year old son Kevin.

Remembering Hillsborough 32 Years Later

Liverpool to Honor the 32nd Anniversary of Hillsborough vs Real Madrid

Liverpool face Real Madrid the night before the 32nd anniversary of the tragedy of Hillsborough.

Hillsborough: A Tragedy and a Call to Action

On this dark anniversary, we must honor the dead by continuing the fight for justice for the living.

Hillsborough, Islamophobia, and How Little the World Has Changed

On anger and justice, and what we owe to each other.

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Thirty Years Later: On Hillsborough and How We Ascribe Value to Certain Lives

Thirty years on, the 96 still wait for their full measure of justice.

Duckenfield Retrial to be Sought Following Hillsborough Trial Conclusion

The Hillsborough trial concluded today with one verdict and the expectation of a retrial for David Duckenfield.

Hillsborough Inquest Moves Forward with Prosecutions

The quest for justice in the Hillsborough Tragedy moves forward as prosecutions of four key figures are set to move forward.

On Hillsborough and How We Ascribe Value to Certain Lives

A few thoughts on The 96 and seeing the full human person.

Hillsborough: 29 Years On

It is our day to come together, to mourn, and hold each other as supporters close.

Six Charged for Roles in Hillsborough Disaster

Following the conclusion of Operation Resolve, six—including David Duckenfield and Norman Bettison—have been charged.

Hillsborough: 28 Years, 96 Lives, One Horrible Day

This is the day we come together in grief, in justice, and in fellowship

Klopp on Hillsborough: "Their Story Will Always Be Our Story"

The 96 may no longer be with us, but their story will not be forgotten.

The Sun Celebrates Hillsborough with Anti-Liverpudlian Column

Scumbag columnist Kelvin MacKenzie suspended after comments.

Liverpool Ban Journalists over Hillsborough Lies

A national newspaper that peddled cheap and damaging lies on the Hillsborough disaster will no longer have journalists at Melwood or Anfield.

Hillsborough Verdicts: What’s Next?

Today’s Hillsborough inquest verdict of unlawful killing is a victory for the truth after 27 years of fighting, but it isn’t the end of the fight for justice and accountability.

Hillsborough Verdicts Exonerate The 96

After 27 years of blaming the victims for the Hillsborough tragedy, there is finally some justice for the 96.

Remembering Hillsborough: 27 Years On

We shall never forget them.

Watch 30 for 30: Hillsborough

A year after its initial release, 30 for 30: Hillsborough is now available to be viewed in the UK. It makes for essential viewing whether or not one already knows the full story behind the disaster.

Remembering Hillsborough

Justice for the 96. Never forgotten.

New Testimony Reveals Further Safety Breaches

Previously unheard voices are emerging during the new Hillsborough inquests, confirming much of what was already known and providing new information that reinforces the preventable nature of the disaster.

Celebration of the 96 Open Thread

Remembrances continue as the club host a charity match at Anfield with local legends facing a team composed of Liverpool's former squad members from around the globe.

Hillsborough: 25 Years On

Justice for the 96. Never forgotten.

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