(Jeff ) Winter is coming


"Bent eke just isn't a good fit for our style of play, why not give Balotelli another go?" "You know nothing..."

Video: Players Celebrate Kolo's New Deal


The players are in Dubai and look to be enjoying their time. They break out into mad celebrations while singing the Kolo Toure song. WATCH HERE

Divock Origi has arrived


Divock Origi posted this shot on his Instagram with the caption "Good vibes, can you recognize the view?" - It looks like the Belgian has arrived. ------ (h/t reddit user Sid-G-Mon)

Costa should be scared


Because now he doesn't just have to worry about Skrtel. Adebayo Akinfenwa has Captain Fantastic's back too!

Hendo Hops vs. Leicester City


Liverpool score, Henderson hops, and this time reader peter.r brings us a gif of it. Don't even try to pretend you don't think it's the most awesome thing in the history of ever.

Phil lives the Pug Life


He didn't choose it. It chose him.