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The Liverpool Offside 2022-23 Season Review Part IV: Building Klopp’s Liverpool Mk.2

After the disappointment of the past season, we try to figure out what has to come next to get Liverpool back to competing for titles and trophies.

The Liverpool Offside 2022-23 Season Review, Part III: The Unexpected Struggles

From pre-season preparations gone wrong to prime age players hitting the wall, Liverpool’s season went badly in ways we didn’t expect—and in ways that seem obvious in retrospect.

The Liverpool Offside 2022-23 Season Review, Part I: The End of an Era

The 2022-23 season was a major disappointment for Liverpool, but as an era comes to an end it’s important to remember everything that came before.

Ashley Hodson’s Open Letter To Fans Regarding Her Departure

Hodson became the appearance record holder in 2021, after making her debut in the title winning season of 2014 and is leaving the club this summer.

Ashley Hodson And Meg Campbell To Depart Liverpool FC Women

The record appearance holder and throw in specialist are two of six players the club announced they are letting go this Summer.

Jordan Henderson Believes Curtis Jones is ‘Outstanding’

The future is bright for the youngster, according to the captain.

Beard Report: “We Learned A Lot Of Lessons In The First Half Of The Season”

Liverpool Women manager Matt Beard heaps praise on the squad for their vital win against Manchester City.

Jordan Henderson Talks About Rediscovering Their Winning Ways

The Redmen have won five in a row and with only four matches left in the season, they’re hoping to keep it going.

Alisson Becker: “We Gave Away A Few Opportunities To Them But That’s Football”

Alisson Becker gives his thoughts regarding the 1-0 win over Fulham on Wednesday evening.

Beard Report: “We Hope To Have Leanne Kiernan Back Into Team Training Next Week”

In his latest column for the club website, Matt Beard gave everyone the news they’d been hoping for, and made sure to enjoy the unbeaten streak the women are on.