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Salah’s Agent Hits Out At Critics

Salah received criticism after returning to Liverpool following injury.

Liverpool FC v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

When Mohamed Salah got injured during the first match he played for Egypt in the African Cup of Nations, it was said that he’d only miss two matches before resuming his duties. However, Jürgen Klopp accidentally incited a bit of an international furore when he revealed that Salah had traveled back to Liverpool to receive treatment. Though the original intention was to have him treated so that he could return to his international duties, that changed when it was determined that his injury was worse than originally feared.

Still, there was an outcry from Egypt fans who were angry that their best player and seemingly abandoned his country at the first opportunity.

Klopp discussed the issue, but it was Salah’s agent, Ramy Abbas Issa, who really came out swinging.

On Twitter, he posted a scathing retort, decrying “social media influencers” who wanted clout for criticizing Salah.

“The same individuals and ‘influencers’ who get weak in the knees when they happen to bump into Mohamed in person and beg for ‘follows’ or selfies, tried to capitalise on an unfortunate injury and questioned Mohamed’s commitment to his country,” he said. “They did this looking for fame, clicks and ‘likes’.

“I want to thank those who did the honourable thing and pointed out how ridiculous and cheap that was. I took names. In both cases.

“Most importantly, to the vast majority of you, who support Mohamed, my message to you is not to worry, because your global icon, the one you helped create, is already too big to be brought down by social media. No hyperventilating or foaming-in-the-mouth ‘influencer’ is going to change that.”

Not sure what he plans to do with the ominously promised names that he took, but he’ll have three to four weeks to think about it while Salah recovers.

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