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Szoboszlai’s First Interview as a Liverpool Player: “My Phone Went Crazy!”

Liverpool’s new number 8 on his excitement and ambition

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Dominik Szoboszlai new signing for Liverpool at Anfield on July 02, 2023 in Anfield, England.
Dominik Szoboszlai new signing for Liverpool at Anfield on July 02, 2023 in Anfield, England.
Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool signed Dominik Szoboszlai in what seemed like a whirlwind four days, and provides fans with their new signing’s first thoughts on his new club.

Asked about his first thoughts after learning of Liverpool’s interest, Szoboszlai described the caution players must maintain in early days:

“I was really happy but still I stayed calm because I didn’t want to be too early happy. First when the boss called me, I felt, OK, it can be a really good thing. At the end, yes, everything was perfect.”

For the Hungarian captain Liverpool was a logical next step in his career, and working with Jürgen Klopp was a major draw:

“[A] really historic club, really good players, good coach, everything is good. For me it was perfect to make the next step in a club like this. The fans, the stadium, everything is really good.

“As I said I think in 2020, [Klopp is] one of the best coaches in the world. How he acts next to the pitch – like he would [be] playing with the guys – [I] liked it really a lot. Also how he did in the last years, what he achieved with this club, [I] was also really impressed. I’m looking forward to working with him.”

After his signing quickly transitioned from rumor to reality, Szoboszlai felt a massive response:

“Yes, my phone went crazy! Yeah, I really want to play in front of them at Anfield.”

Positionally, the Hungarian midfielder is flexible, looking for opportunities to develop and let his qualities shine:

“To be honest, for me it doesn’t matter – I want to be on the pitch. But of course everybody has their own position. Of course, attacking midfielder as a 10, I can play on both 10s, left, right, on the sides also. Just I want to play.

“I’m a player who can play box to box; quite fast but not the fastest as I see the players here. I have quite a good shot. But I’m not only me, it’s the team, so I’m looking forward [to that].”

He also speaks about how his previous (bad) experience playing at Anfield makes him excited to experience the ground when playing for them:

“This time made me feel bad because we lost 4-3! But of course, I’ve said it before, I’ve almost never been nervous before the game, I think this was the first time in my life. Of course the stadium, the fans were unbelievable even [though] they were against us [Salzburg]. And we will see how it is when they are with me.”

Szoboszlai made the bold decision to become Liverpool’s number 8, and spoke on specific ties to Steven Gerrard behind this choice:

“Not a special reason but of course it’s a great number, a lot of great players had this number. And also I have a tattoo from Steven Gerrard, what he said – I don’t even remember when but before. It was also a reason why.

“When I was a child, to be honest I didn’t watch that much football but of course when it was Champions League or a big game, I was watching Liverpool, the big teams and also the big players – and [Gerrard] was one of the biggest.”

He ended his interview with a message to fans — and with a gracious acceptance of whatever nickname the Kop selects for him:

“That I can’t wait to see you in the stadium and I’m going to do everything that is possible from my side.

“[Nicknames] for me doesn’t matter! Every coach called me different. Some players called me Dom, some players called me Szobo. So, as you guys like, call me as you want, I’m going to take it.”

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