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Singaporean Fans to Be First to See LFC Away Kit in Action

The club will don the new kit against Leicester on the weekend.

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None of the kits pictured are the away kit.
Photo by ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP via Getty Images

Being a foreign-based fan of an English Premier League team isn’t exactly glamorous. If you’re stateside, like me, you often run into the awkward bit of bouncing between “soccer” and “football” when explaining what your favorite team is. And depending on where you live, the kick-off time might be something like 4am (shout out to the West Coast, North American Reds out there!). What’s more, the idea of seeing your favorite team run out and play a match in-person is likely out of reach for a sizable portion of the fanbase, what with the cost of airfare, lodging, access and pricing of match tickets, and all of that without mention of visa restrictions.

No, the love of foreign-based fans for their team is one that is hard to describe and definitely not one for folks looking for an easy-going affair. To date, my only time seeing Liverpool FC in person was when they visited Southern California during the summer of 2016, almost 7 years to the date come to think of it. I got to scream my head off while watching on one end of the Rose Bowl next to some of my best friends and a couple of TLO folks, to boot!

One perk I hadn’t thought of, though, is that fans attending those foreign tours might be treated to something that others hadn’t: the chance to see the debut of one of the new kits. That’s right, per the official site, it looks as though fans attending Liverpool FC’s tilt against Leicester City FC will now have the chance to see what the new away kit looks like in the flesh.

It is a small thing, sure, but we fans living abroad have to take our wins where we can get them! Here’s hoping the away kit brings with it not only a dose of freshness (cause, let’s admit it, they look amazing), but also a result that will mark it as the kit that ensures complete domination by the Reds.

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