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Trent Alexander Arnold: On New Signings and Finding ‘Joy’ in the Midfield

Trent spoke to Sky Sports about the new lads and the midfield role we saw him flourish in during the run-in to last season’s campaign.

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Liverpool Pre-Season Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Trent Alexander-Arnold is a treasure. Given that he is a Scouser that came up through Liverpool FC’s Academy, there is an extra gloss to the fact that he’s also one of the premier footballers on the entire planet.

He’s a bit quieter than other folks on the pitch, perhaps emulating the great Steven Gerrard in that way. At the end of last season, though, we also saw him take on a role as maestro of the midfield like the iconic Number 8.

In an interview with Sky Sports that was covered via the official site, Trent opened up a bit about that tactical shift as well as on the new signings and overall health of the club.

When asked about playing in midfield, Trent responded with this:

“It’s not my decision. I only play where I’m told to play, so all I can say is I enjoy playing football, I enjoy playing right-back, I enjoy playing in the middle of the pitch a lot. It’s somewhere where I find joy and I’m enjoying the challenge of the two, so you know I would enjoy playing there in the next season, but it’s not my decision where I play.”

The answer makes sense given that Trent has always seemed willing to play wherever the team has needed him, even if he’s been almost exclusively at right-back. The fortification of the midfield has been interesting and I, for one, am incredibly interested in seeing what affect, if any, it may have on Trent’s role.

And on those new signings, Trent expressed excitement.

“[They’re] top players. I think it’s exciting for the club and exciting for the team. It is always exciting when we sign new players to see how they come in and how they adapt and what they’re like. I’m sure they already know, they can see from the outside we’re a welcoming side and a welcoming team.

That’s a lot of excitement and a lot of welcome! Here’s hoping that also translates to a lot of goals, assists, and good vibes along the way.

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