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I Watched So You Don’t Have To: Key Moments from LFC’s Monday Training Session

Join me as I break down the nearly ten minute video of highlights from July 10th’s Liverpool training session.

Liverpool Pre-Season Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

I’ve learned to love summer, which is a statement that implies I haven’t always loved it. And that’s for numerous reasons: the heat (especially in the region of California where I live) can be oppressive. I haven’t always been the biggest fan of the beach (a reason that marks the only point of convergence between me and Anakin Skywalker). And, probably because I was a latch-key kid and summer meant no more seeing my friends.

I’ve obviously had circumstances change that make most of those things manageable (or, at least, tolerable) but I’ve found a new reason to kind of make summer my bane again: the way that stories about football, and Liverpool in particular, just dry up. Usually, by the time we hit early July, we’re begging for any coverage at all to write about. At least something that we might be able to use so that we don’t have to start doing something ludicrous like write fanfiction about the team.

Lucky for me, then, that I join up right smack dab at the top of July!

Thankfully, though, the official site decided to release a short video covering highlights from Monday’s training session. And because I am a Very Serious Liverpool Writer, I’ve decided to watch it and report back the highlights. Let’s dive in!

  • The video starts with a clearly focused and, if I’m not mistaken, freshly shorn Jurgen Klopp. Tough to tell but it almost looks like someone decided to give him a fade on the sides. Or, at least, went at it w/ clippers. Which feels like a momentous hair choice at this moment. Keep your eyes on this space as we figure out what’s what in terms of Jurgen’s Hair. I know this is the hard-hitting, dogged reporting you all expect!
  • Just in the background behind Jurgen is none other than Thiago Alcantara. It does my soul a world of good knowing he’s still here and we’re at least a little closer to ensuring he stays here and doesn’t go off to chase oil money.
  • Gonna need a more keen eye to look but I’m almost certain the inseam on Jurgen’s shorts is longer than 7”, which officially fails the EJ Test.
  • Next first teamer to pop is Fabinho, surrounded by a bunch of Academy players. Soon, Darwin Nunez walks through, giving high-fives to everyone. As intense as he can definitely be, he seems like the captain of the SS Good Times tbqh.
  • Last of the major sightings to this point is Joel Matip and Joe Gomez who head out of the training center and out into a team huddle.
  • The LFCTV team had me for a second as we definitely caught audio, at a distance, of Jurgen in the huddle, but the clip only lasts 2 seconds so my inner gossip hound remains unsatisfied. Boo to you, LFCTV editor!
  • The next few minutes is mostly just the guys running and stuff which isn’t very interesting but it does bring us our first shot of Andreas Kornmayer or, as he is known in my house, Tiny Klopp.
  • Ok, in terms of Thiago Watch 23, we get a small bit of him running by himself which does not fill me with good vibes.
  • It does segue into our first shot of Pep Ljinders though so that’s cool.
  • Also, as Pep is explaining this dribbling drill, he’s doing so in either a language or mix of languages I don’t quite follow. LFCTV editor, you’ve gotta give us the inside scoop on how many languages Pep knows!
  • Darwin looks quite sharp in these drills, not gonna lie. I’m definitely in love with this man.
  • Related: has Darwin always had that full leg tattoo?
  • Honestly, all of the clips of the drills just reminds me that the vast majority of the public has no idea just how skilled even the lowest level of pro footballer is. Watching the speed of thought on the one-touch exercise was truly something.
  • Jurgen yelling encouragements to everyone is one of the best things in life.
  • Conversely, Pep yelling is one of the most chaotic things ever lmao.
  • And of course, one of the last images is Klopp putting his arm around one of the youth players to give him some coaching.

Not too bad for a training session and a nice little peek into what summer looks like for professional footballers. Now, please, let us get to August for some actual matches so that I don’t have to keep doing this.

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