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Manchester United Fan is Arrested for Mocking Hillsborough Victims

Don’t f*ck around and mock tragedies if you don’t want to find out.

Manchester United Jersey with text “NOT ENOUGH 97” Picture found on Twitter

A fan was arrested this afternoon at Wembley Stadium by the Metropolitan Police on the “suspicion of a public order offence”. The fan was wearing a Manchester United away kit from this season with a custom print on the back that read “NOT ENOUGH” with the number “97”. This is obviously some sort of sick joke and attempt to mock the 97 Liverpool fans who died during the Hillsborough Disaster.

The image of the back of the jersey quickly started circulating online. The picture was taken from inside Wembley where Manchester United was playing Manchester City in the FA Cup Final. It did not take long for the person to be identified and turned into the police. Former Liverpool player and current pundit Stan Collymore tweeted out a photo of the fan in custody.

In a statement posted on Twitter, in response to the photo of the fan being arrested, the Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance said, “Let this be a warning to anyone else thinking of doing anything similar. And that goes for using any tragedy.”

Before Manchester United travelled to Liverpool in March, Erik ten Hag and Jurgen Klopp joined forces to released a joint statement to stop so called “tragedy chants”, such as ones mocking the Hillsborough and Munich disasters.

Ten Hag said in a message to Manchester United supporters in March, “‘It is unacceptable to use the loss of life — in relation to any tragedy — to score points, and it is time for it to stop. Those responsible tarnish not only the reputation of our clubs but also, importantly, the reputation of themselves, the fans, and our great cities.”

Apparently those calls fell on deaf ears in this case, as several people enabled this person to go through with this sickening joke. Hopefully whatever punishments comes deters other fans from doing the same in the future.

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