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Klopp Talk: Jota Goal “The Best Part of the Afternoon”

I mean. Yeah.

Liverpool FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

It’s always a good game when the manager’s hamstring is on the injury list. But that’s what celebrating too hard after your team scores the winner in the 94th minute gets you. Did it make up for the rest of the match (barring the first fifteen minutes)? Absolutely not. Is it still up there with one of the more memorable games of the season? Yes. Didn’t you see Klopp’s hamstring?!

“Yeah, you all saw it – the start into the game was absolutely exceptional again, some of the best we have played this season for sure,” Jurgen Klopp said in his post-match interview. “Being 3-0 up against a pretty defensive set-up of Tottenham and the way we scored the goals, the way we played offensively and defensively was absolutely exceptional.

“Then the problem, being 3-0 up that early; we are not the first team who misunderstood that. Should not happen, happened anyway. Not immediately but the first goal of Tottenham is the first moment where we don’t defend properly, where we are not properly in the counter-pressing situation, like the distances were right or whatever. That’s why we end up with the long ball in behind, there’s no offside and [Virgil] slips, which obviously can happen – we shouldn’t come into a situation like that.:

“They scored their goal, credit to Tottenham, they are brilliant in these situations. Half-time was like that, I told the boys the positive stuff but of course already that we have to just pick up rhythm again because if we play how we started the game they have no way to defend us really.

“3-3, doesn’t feel great but that’s what we got. But then Diogo Jota had a different idea and finished it off for us. That’s the best part of the whole afternoon obviously.”

4-3 against Spurs and three points under our belt. On to Fulham and hopefully a clean sheet.

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