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Liverpool Legend Joins the Bellingham Excitement Train

Surely this will do the trick?

England v Ukraine: Group C - UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Round Photo by Robin Jones/Getty Images

Honestly, it’s surprising we’ve gone this long without a story surrounding Jordan Henderson’s Personal Transfer Target, Jude Bellingham. Yesterday saw England (starring Henderson and Bellingham both) beating Ukraine 2-0 in the 2024 Euro qualifiers, and Steven Gerrard was there to both speak with Bellingham’s performance and gush over him to the press.

“Listen, let me tell you right now, [Bellingham is] a lot further ahead than I was at [his] age, so [he’s] going in the right direction,” Gerrard said after the game ended and after Bellingham admitted Gerrard was his hero growing up. “Well, for one he’s got a better body than what I had at 19. No seriously, I probably never had that power and that strength until probably 22 or 23, so he’s definitely more physically developed than me.

“He’s more confident than me on the ball in terms of what he’ll try, and I’m not just saying that just being modest, I’m saying that as it’s the truth. I think he’s further on than what I was at 19. Don’t get me wrong, I got to where I wanted to get to and he’ll naturally get to where he wants to if he keeps on doing what he’s doing.

“But he’s in a fantastic place and everything else around him he just needs to park it up and keep playing well and everything else will take care of itself.”

Whether or not he’ll continue to build his game at Liverpool remains to be seen and largely depends on what Bellingham wants in terms of fee and wages. Hopefully the Liverpool pot is sweetened with both Henderson AND Gerrard, now.

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