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Jurgen Klopp on the Disappointment of Losing to Bournemouth

Liverpool’s 0-1 loss last night affect their top four aspirations in the Premier League.

AFC Bournemouth v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Luke Walker/Getty Images

After a historic 7-0 win against Manchester United last week, Liverpool deflated the season’s high by losing 0-1 to Bournemouth in the Premier League last night.

“The game was pretty much the opposite of what we wanted to show and to do today”, said Jurgen Klopp.

“I think we played for pretty much 95 minutes the game Bournemouth wanted to play and a few minutes maybe, a few moments, we did the stuff we wanted to do actually. In the first half I think our two or three best moments were similar: finding the half-space, going from there behind the last line.

“We scored a goal which was disallowed for offside but was anyway a good situation, well played, had other situations in a similar manner. Had big chances after set-pieces which we didn’t use, like, how do you say this, no-brainers or whatever, where we have to score but don’t.”

The loss comes during a nightmare season for Liverpool where fighting for a top four finish seems the only achievable goal.

“One of the things we learned this season was to deal with setbacks. We have to make sure we recover properly because on Wednesday we have obviously a big game as well”, said Klopp.

Following Wednesday’s last gasp showdown against Real Madrid, the squad goes on international break, from which Klopp’s hope is that everyone returns fit to keep playing.

“Then we have the football week of all football weeks opponent-wise. There’s a lot to go for but today is now not the moment for me to talk about that. This game was a massive knock and how it is with knocks, you have to take them, you have to have a look how big the scars are and then you go from there.”

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