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Klopp Talks Leadership Changes

The club lost their two most senior players over the summer, but things are largely the same.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool FC manager Jürgen Klopp has opened up on the departure of former captain Jordan Henderson and vice-captain James Milner, and the effect it has had on the team’s leadership group. Good news, Virgil and the boys are doing just fine:

“The boys are all different. We lost Jordan Henderson and James Milner, the two captains of this team for years. I was very hopeful that we could deal with it but I was not sure, and I’m really happy the way the boys have grown into it, especially Virgil.”

“Virgil has enjoyed being part of the leadership group in the last few years but now he enjoys the new role as well. Trent is growing into it, then there’s also Robbo, Mo and Ali is a natural leader. He’s not the one that is talking the whole week but when he says something it’s important and everybody listens.”

“A good leader is only as good as the group he is in. That’s how it is. The boys are really into it. The new boys are confident but not too confident. They want to have impact on everything and adjust to the club in some sense. I’m very pleased with that. They are all different but it’s good to have them.”

The most important thing is perhaps that the standards previously established have not been allowed to drop. The players still take charge of their business. The vibes are immaculate, and it’s showing. Klopp spoke about his role in setting the culture of the locker room, and surprise, he doesn’t need to do much:

“It was always like that here. I’m the last door pretty much when things get really important. The boys are used to that. Especially when Millie and Hendo were here, a lot of things didn’t arrive in my office because they sorted it beforehand. That’s now again the same. Pep Lijnders (assistant Liverpool manager) is another level in between. That is all well set up, let me say it like that.”

“I have to make the big decisions, but all the rest is really up to the boys and it’s about the culture you create in a team. Most of the things aren’t important enough to really worry about, but they need to get sorted because they are important for the boys in that moment. They did that, and they are still doing that now.”

Up the non-growing the game Reds.

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