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Stefan Bajcetic Talks Hobbies and How He Disconnects From Football

It’s possible that he’s a professional football player with a good work/life balance. Is that a Gen Z thing?

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Liverpool v Leicester City - Carabao Cup Third Round Photo by Will Palmer/Sportsphoto/Allstar via Getty Images

Chess, photography, fashion. It seems like the 19-year-old Stefan Bajcetic might actually have a life and interests outside of football. Doesn’t he know that’s not how this works? You train for football, then you go out with the lads and watch football, and when you get home, you spend the rest of the night playing FIFA. Is this ‘other hobbies’ business a Gen Z thing?

“I’m two people,” Bajcetic said in an interview with the official site. “I’m one person when I enter the AXA Training Centre. Then when I go home I try to stay off football.”

Healthy work / life balances in professional athletes frankly make me suspicious. What else are you hiding with all of your apparent non-football free time, Stefan?

He maintains that he learned chess from his grandpa back in Serbia, and that now the only Liverpool player who has a chance to beat him is Mohamed Salah.

As for the photography, he claims he uses the hobby to look back on the different places he’s visited. (A likely story. Visited for what, Stefan?)

“When I had the opportunity to have a good camera, I bought one. Since then I just love to take pictures. I have them there, sometimes I check them, sometimes I forget. But maybe one day I will see them all and think, ‘That was a beautiful place’ or ‘I had so much fun in that location’. It’s just like memories I take into my photos.

“Sometimes I just take pictures of the city if I think the light is good or I think that’s a beautiful building or something. I just take it and keep it there. It’s no harm to anyone.”

Huh. Interesting that he chose to emphasize how harmless it is. Would an innocent person bother to do that? I’ll let you decide.

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