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Fabio Carvalho “Was Just In The Right Area” For That Last Gasp Winner Against Newcastle

The young midfielder ensured a victory at Anfield on Wednesday night over Newcastle in the 98th minute.

Liverpool FC v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Little else is as satisfying as a last minute winner. Liverpool men are quite familiar with the concept and it came to their rescue again on Wednesday against Newcastle, after the Magpies tried to waste as much time as possible, as often as possible.

Newly 20 years old, Fabio Carvalho was able to get a boot on the ball in a post-corner kick scramble after Mohamed Salah was unable to get it past a Newcastle defender. Carvalho’s shot sent the ball into the roof of the net, just before the referees decided enough was enough.

“I was just there in the right area and happily it fell for me,” Carvalho said to BT Sport following the match.

“Look at this! What else do you expect with these fans? They just kept us going. It’s just amazing to be here.”

Of course, Liverpool’s poor start to the season doesn’t need to be reiterated - last weekend’s 9-0 win against Bournemouth excluded. Liverpool looked tired and unconvincing for most of the match on Wednesday, but it would be Newcastle’s cynical anti-footballing tactics that would be their undoing in the end, allowing the Reds - and Fabio - the time they needed to find that winner.

“To be fair, within our DNA we just keep going and we showed that today through the fans – they’ve helped us so much. I want to say a big thank you to them because without them this wouldn’t be possible,” Carvalho added.

“But we stuck to the game plan, kept going, kept pushing and finally we did get the goal and the well-deserved three points.

“Hopefully we can build on this. We definitely built on the result the other day and many more to come hopefully. We just need to keep going, keep working and then more wins will come.”

With the games coming just as quickly as a December might, there will be definite chances to keep building on this kind of momentum.

Onward to Everton on Saturday.

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