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Manchester United Fan Group Confirm Protest Plans For Liverpool Visit

No words if they’re gonna leave the stands empty though.

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

After last week’s news of a planned protest at Old Trafford for Liverpool FC’s visit, one fan group has confirmed their plans for that day. In a rather disappointing fashion, their plans do not include vacating the stadium while the match is going on, which would have been quite the combination.

Instead, their plans sound rather... pedestrian.

The plans described in the statement reads:

“So, as we have said before, put our differences aside and come together. Join the march from 7pm. Protest on the forecourt. We will plant our flag as a focal point. Be loud, be proud, stand as one!”

“We meet at the Tollgate. We have 30m fencing to hang your banners, bring your colours and flags,” the statement adds. “Arrive anytime from 5:30pm. We march at 7pm. We congregate at the Trinity [statue outside Old Trafford].”

“We appreciate emotions are running high. We must keep it legal, we must keep it peaceful. We have built great momentum and awareness. We are seeing support from key influences that can really make a difference. It is imperative this continues for us to follow and achieve our strategy.”

Ah well. Looks like 3-0 for abandonment of the game is not on the cards for next Monday. Up the Reds.

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