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Klopp Addresses Early Núñez Critcism: “We Cannot Take This Seriously”

The manager has no time for criticism of a player who’s only had a week of preseason training with the club.

Standard Chartered Singapore Trophy - Liverpool FC Open Training Session Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Darwin Núñez, Liverpool’s club record summer signing, is understandably being subjected to intense scrutiny as his LFC career begins. However, with just 75 minutes of pre-season action and a handful of training sessions under his belt, that scrutiny has already reached the point of absurdity.

It’s not reasonable to expect Núñez to already be up to speed, so there’s little reason to worry that his appearances in a pair of friendlies didn’t wow everyone. Of course, that hasn’t stopped some people (mainly rival fans) from blowing a missed chance and a botched pass completely out of proportion in a sarcastic “highlight reel” via social media.

The idiocy reached such a high level that ESPN even addressed it with Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp, who refused to even entertain it as a concern.

“I’m not worried at all,” Klopp told ESPN. “The general judgement [on Núñez] is absolutely nil interest [to us]. It will be like this, and we all know it.”

Klopp went on to explain that while he understands taking the piss out of rival players, especially high-profile ones like a club record signing, is a normal thing for supporters, it’s simply not something he has any interest in entertaining as a real concern.

“It’s kind of a game or a joke for some people to pick out some situations where a player’s not doing well,” said Klopp. “That’s only a game from [fans of] other clubs, which is normal. Our fans probably do [the same] with signings of Manchester United. We cannot take this seriously.”

The manager then reiterated multiple times that the potential of Núñez is clear and he is not worried.

“The only real important thing is how I judge the situation for the player and I couldn’t be more calm — completely convinced about his potential. And actually, what our people — all Liverpool supporters in the whole world — should know is that new players need time and get time.

“Again, it is my responsibility to help Darwin fulfill his full potential and I’m completely calm. I think, with half a football brain, you don’t doubt the potential of Darwin Nunez.”

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