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England Manager Praise for Alexander-Arnold Attitude Following Parade

Mr. Waistcoat has nice things to say about Trent.


Trent Alexander-Arnold’s position with England’s national team has been constantly fraught with drama. Somehow the manager of the team hasn’t quite been able to use one of the world’s best players, opting for lesser options that perhaps fit his system better. However, after a long campaign with Liverpool—and more importantly, a parade—the Liverpool star seems to be in Gareth Southgate’s plans.

“I have to say that Trent has taken great heart from the parade,” Southgate said, before England’s Nations League tie against Hungary in Budapest on Saturday. “I think that was a significant lift for him and the rest of the team.”

It would make sense for a player to be sad about how Liverpool’s season ended, losing the Premier League and the Champions League within 6 days. But it seems like all the Liverpool lads have a pep in their step following the parade.

“Of course they were disappointed to lose the final but I think the connection they had with the fans that day has definitely been important for him and has allowed the whole team to move on. They weren’t sure it was the right thing but now they’ve done it, they absolutely recognise it was, so I think that was a lovely moment for all of them.”

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