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Watch Jordan Henderson Be Praised For 40 Minutes

The club, along with Nike, released a short documentary about Jordan Henderson.

Nike “Jordan Henderson Is Never Done” Premiere Photo by Antony Jones/Getty Images for Nike

“I would say Hendo is the player that made me feel the most comfortable in the team,” begins Trent Alexander-Arnold. These words come in the opening moments of the 40 minute documentary about the Liverpool captain called Jordan Henderson Is Never Done. The video, put together by Liverpool FC and Nike, has recently gone up on YouTube in its entirety.

The documentary includes interviews with Henderson himself, as well as Jürgen Klopp, his current teammates, former Liverpool players, staff, fans, and journalists. It looks at him growing up in and debuting for Sunderland all the way up to him winning everything there is to win as the captain of Liverpool Football Club.

Several minutes of the documentary is dedicated to the uncertainty of Henderson’s career at Liverpool after Kenny Dalglish left the club and touches on some mental health issues. Hendo credits sports psychologist Steve Peters with helping him overcome his feelings of inadequacy so that he could continue moving forward.

Klopp admits that the most work Henderson does is “behind the scenes” and away from even the manager’s eyes. He mentions group chats and player meetings that the coaching staff isn’t privy to, where Hendo leads the team away from the public eye.

Jordan Henderson has spent over a decade now with Liverpool Football Club. Unlike many instant success stories, his path is one of hard work and tenacity that earned him respect from the club and the fans and led him to where he is today.

Enjoy watching 39 minutes of our captain being rightly praised for his efforts and mentality. You’ll want to watch 39 minutes more.

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