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Mohamed Salah Would “Give Up All The Personal Awards To Replay That Final”

He already confirmed he’s staying for next season, but there’s still some regrets for the Egyptian.

Liverpool FC v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final 2021/22 Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

It’s been a rough week. There’s no way around it. Sure, we can temper it with knowing we did the domestic double for the first time in years, and we finished with over 90 points once again. Soothe it with knowing that we watched one of the best squads in the world compete in all 63 matches on offer.

Doesn’t feel like it’s strong enough to get around the events of the Champions League final last weekend, though.

And for all of the feelings we’re feeling as supporters, the players are feeling the same.

Mohamed Salah took to social media on Thursday to thank the fans for their support all year but to be a little vulnerable, too. The Egyptian was recently named the Football Writers’ Player of the Year, in addition to his PFA Fans’ Player of the Year award and his Golden Boot, but there’s definitely another medal he’d rather have.

“Being recognised by the fans and by the sports journalists in the same season is something special that I will never forget,” Salah wrote.

“I would, however, give all those personal awards up for a chance at replaying that final, but that is not how football works.

“I cannot express in words how much we wanted to bring that trophy back to Liverpool but in the end we couldn’t.

“I cannot thank the fans enough for your support. It has been a very long season but a part of me wishes the next one starts again tomorrow.”

One can’t help but empathize with the message, even just as a supporter. We’ve all felt this heartbreak, not the first time and certainly, unfortunately, won’t be the last time either. It’s part and parcel of being involved with sports. Tough losses are tough losses, and sometimes it doesn’t help to get right back at it - sometimes we need to sit and recover.

Hopefully Salah gets that recovery - as well as all of us that gave all of our energy to this unending season.

In the meantime, gonna go cry now.

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