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Liverpool Working With Mental Health Organizations To Offer Support Following Champions League Final

Including pledging financial assistance, to help supporters get the help they may need following Saturday’s events.

Liverpool FC v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final 2021/22 Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

Liverpool FC announced on Wednesday that they are working with a number of mental health organizations to provide support to fans that were affected by the events of Saturday’s Champions League final in Paris.

Accounts of crushes and police negligence have come pouring from fans, even as the French government tries to deny any wrongdoing in their actions and organizing of authorities surround the event. No fan should ever experience tear gas or pepper spray for simply trying to enter a match they paid fairly for, and yet French ministers are doubling down on the story that nearly all the fans in attendance had fake tickets.

Thankfully, we live in an age where it is easy to document and share these injustices, so their stories of fake tickets and unruly fans hold little water with those actually paying attention.

Even more thankfully, the club is pledging financial assistance to mental health organizations to help supporters get the care they need after witnessing and experiencing such treatment. Saturday’s final was nothing short of a traumatic event for nearly everyone involved, and seeking out and receiving the right mental support can work wonders in helping people.

The LFC Foundation website is acting as a landing page for those supporters seeking out mental health assistance, as the club works with the Spirit of Shankly fan group and others to better work to provide more help. They have also compiled a small list of organizations supporters can contact immediately to get help.

Unfortunately, the list is mainly UK and Merseyside based, so not really helpful for fans that traveled from all over the world to attend the same match, but it’s a start.

This writer whole-heartedly supports any supporter that feels the need to seek out mental health support in response to the events of Saturday. I’ve already reached out to my therapist, and am happy to listen or to help find avenues of support.

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