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DJ Calvin Harris Says Liverpool Trophy Parade Was the Biggest Gig of His Life

The musician has Andy Robertson to thank for the experience.

Liverpool Trophy Parade Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool’s trophy parade last month made news thanks to the thousands of fans who showed up and the scale of celebrations honouring the men and womens’ teams. Liverpool FC Women celebrated their promotion to the top tier, while the men celebrated winning the FA Cup and Carabao Cup.

Scottish left-back Andy Robertson had the hook-up for the music. He called fellow Scot, DJ Calvin Harris, to perform on the team’s open-top bus, and the musician said it was the “most unreal experience” speaking to Capital FM.

Harris is a Liverpool fan and so the occasion was doubly special for him. He was amazed at how Dua Lipa’s song One Kiss has been adopted by Liverpool fans now.

“Obviously I’m a Liverpool fan, but it [One Kiss] didn’t become a football anthem, it became a Liverpool anthem specifically, so that happening was bizarre in itself”, he said.

And he’s grateful to Robertson for securing the gig for him, which turned out to be a massively fulfilling experience.

“I got chatting to Andy Robertson and he said, ‘If there’s anything that you could do, you know we’re doing this float sort of thing, maybe you could DJ at Anfield, maybe you could DJ on the bus”, said Harris.

“I’m like, ‘Mate, get me on that bus!’ It was probably the biggest gig of my life.”

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