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Important Dates For FA WSL Fixtures Vaguely Revealed

“Mid-July” is a little bit of a cop out when the Men’s fixtures come out tomorrow.

Liverpool Trophy Parade Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

The FA unveiled their basic dates for the upcoming FA WSL season on Tuesday - although the announcement leaves a little to be desired.

With a fixture release date of “mid-July 2022”, it’s hard not to feel a little frustrated with the country’s foremost football authority and their organization skills.

We know now that we will have to wait until the Women’s Euros are in full swing to find out exactly when the season will start for Liverpool in their new league, and even then we don’t know an exact date when that other exact date will be revealed.

It’s been well established that the Men’s fixture lists are always released in mid-June - with next season’s fixture list coming Thursday, June 16th. And we’re now a month away from mid-July and all the FA can give us is... mid-July for when the fixtures for the Women’s Super League will be revealed.

It’s a little frustrating to see the Men’s leagues take precedence once again, when there’s really no reason for the FA to take an extra month to figure out their own fixture list. They should be able to coordinate with the Premier League but apparently that simple act of consideration is too much to ask for.

Keep an eye out on mid-July, then, to find out who Liverpool Women will face on either September 9th, 10th, or 11th as they rejoin the Super League.

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