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Jürgen Klopp Thrilled About ‘Fearless’ Núñez

The German is very excited about his new attacker.

Aston Villa v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images

After a saga that lasted just over a week because Liverpool aren’t playing about, the Reds finally unveiled their new signing tonight, and Darwin Núñez was paraded across the internet in his new red kit. There’s even been time for a bit of social media bromance already, and fans will be impatiently waiting for the summer to hurry up and end so Trent Alexander-Arnold can begin delivering crosses onto Núñez’s head.

The player’s new manager wanted to get a word in as well, and spoke to the official site about his newest attacker.

“This is super news, really super news,” Klopp told “I’m very grateful to everyone at the club for making it happen. We’ve shown decisiveness and ambition in equal measure.

“Darwin is a wonderful player; already really good but so much potential to get even better. That’s why it’s so exciting, to be honest. His age, his desire, his hunger to be even better than he currently is. His belief in our project and what we are looking to do as a club.”

“He has all the pieces we look for,” the manager, continued. “He can set a tempo, he brings energy, he can threaten space from central and wide areas. He is aggressive and dynamic with his movement. He plays without fear, he’s powerful. I know he will excite our supporters.

Klopp was quick to pour just a dash of coolant on the expectations that naturally accompany a transfer fee as hefty as the one attached the the 22-year old, however, making it clear for fans that regardless how good Núñez’s first season is, it is likely he will be better with time.

“It’s important we all recognise we are getting a ‘work in progress’ with Darwin. He recognises that himself, for sure. I love how much focus and humility he has.

“We have wonderful attacking options already and he becomes part of that now. So there is no pressure on him at all. He signs for a very long time and we intend to nurture his talent and see it grow.

“He’s the latest addition to the wonderful LFC family and I’m sure our supporters will make him feel at home from the first moment he has the Liver bird on his chest.”

Amen to that, gaffer.

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