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Liverpool CEO Discusses Mishandling of Champions League Final

The club has requested an investigation into the events that occurred outside of the grounds.

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Liverpool v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

When the dust settles on this season and we look back at the Champions League final, more than the disappointing result, it will be remembered for the terrible mishandling of the crowd by the Parisian police and stadium grounds. Before the game even kicked off, images of paying, ticket-holding Liverpool fans being pepper sprayed by over-zealous police officers made the rounds on social media. The game kicked off with a crowd of Reds’ fans still waiting to get into the grounds.

In the wake of the debacle where, thankfully, no one was seriously injured, Liverpool Football Club has called for an investigation into what happened on Saturday and who is to blame.

Billy Hogan, Liverpool CEO, talked to the official site about the situation on Monday and gave an update on where things stood on their side.

“We have followed up on our request for an independent investigation with UEFA in writing,” Hogan said. “We’ve also noted our deep concern about the false information that’s being circulated, while really urging UEFA to agree to an open and transparent investigation into everything that happened on Saturday night, and we will continue to push for this.

“I’ve also read this afternoon in the media that there was a meeting this morning with French authorities and UEFA and a number of other stakeholders; however, we were not asked for our input or to submit any information ahead of the meeting, so we were getting the output of that meeting like everyone else: through the media. Finally, we are also reviewing legal avenues available to us on behalf of affected supporters.”

The club is inviting fans who were in Paris to share their experiences via an online form in order to get a better picture of exactly what happened from the point of the view of the fans in the grounds. UEFA is UEFA, so nothing will be done about it, but it’s good that the club seem to be taking this situation seriously.

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