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Klopp Talk: “It’s Such a Boost For Everything That Will Come”

The boss tells us he loves us. The feeling is mutual.

Liverpool Trophy Parade Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

It’s magical to be a Liverpool fan on any normal day: we’re dramatic and exuberant and love this club to bits. The day after a crushing defeat (which followed a miserable and dangerous day for fans attending the game that we’ve discussed elsewhere) isn’t likely to be a rousing celebration of the team that just lost but of course it is. This is Liverpool, after all.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, no club in the world – this world – that they lost the Champions League final the night before and the people arrive here in the shape they are, the mood they are,” Jurgen Klopp said about today’s parade. “Absolutely outstanding. This is the best club in the world – I don’t care what other people think!”

An incredibly turnout and a rousing celebration of a team that’s accomplished so much, and Klopp was ecstatic to see it.

“That’s the biggest sign you can give to the world. Yes, we won two competitions, great, but we didn’t win the last two – and these people don’t forget, they know exactly what a shift the boys put in. Absolutely incredible. It’s such a boost for everything that will come. Unbelievable.”

“I’m proud of the players but I’m proud of these people, to be honest,” he added. “Unbelievable. Yesterday in the stadium some things happened that nobody understood, our families were in trouble, all these kinds of things. Now we come here and see this, when you see the eyes of the people, it’s incredible. That’s the best sign you can get: you don’t have to win, you just need to put all that you have in, really throw everything on the pitch and the people of Liverpool love you. We celebrate life, we celebrate the season, we celebrate our competitions, we celebrate the championship [of 2020].”

“I love you all! And I’m not drunk, not a little bit, just emotional!”

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