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Klopp Talk: I’m “Proud but Disappointed”

The boss talks about the team and the season.

Liverpool v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League Photo by Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images

Listen, what a team. What a game. What a Sunday. We nearly had it and we did our very best and in the end, that really is all that matters. It’s a one point difference, in the end, but my god has this season felt like so much more than the ridiculous 92 points that Liverpool managed to rack up. And if you’re feeling at all down about how the season ended, let’s head right over to the boss:

“The boys played an incredible season, the whole journey of 2021-22 so far is absolutely exceptional,” Klopp said after the game ended. “I think the game today showed again so much about these boys. We concede an early goal, which gave us a knock, I have to say. Didn’t play football really, not like we usually play. Have to take off Thiago early, which is not helpful. Then you still find a way – it’s absolutely outstanding. 92 points obviously is crazy with all the games we played.”

Of course, there’s room for disappointment but that doesn’t take away from what this team has achieved

“I am proud but I’m disappointed of course as well,” Klopp added. “There are maybe worse scenarios; if you would have been a point up and don’t make it, that might feel even worse. But apart from that, it’s not cool. But it’s not completely unexpected obviously, it was clear before the game that a lot of things had to happen. I don’t want to forget it, I said it in all interviews and will say it here as well of course: congratulations to Man City, Pep Guardiola, all staff, all players, whole club, for being champions. We were close but in the end not close enough. That’s how it is.”

Up the glorious Reds. We’ll get them next time.

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