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Klopp’s End-of-League Season Statement to Fans

In his program notes, Klopp had things to say to the Liverpool faithful

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Klopp celebrates with fist bumps to the Kop
Klopp celebrates with fist bumps to the Kop
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

In his final Premier League program notes, Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp spoke about the challenge faced by Wolverhampton Wanderers — but he also had things to say about what what the team and support has already achieved this season:

“…Saying how proud I am of our team and our club is an understatement.

“I said on Tuesday night, shortly after the win at Southampton, that I felt quite emotional. And I did. I was choked up, to be honest.

“This was mainly because it was a perfect case study of how together we are as a club. All of us. We all contribute. We all play our part. We are such a powerful collective.

“The players who came in, who have been denied more minutes this season not because of lack of ability or effort but simply the restrictions of the teamsheet, showed the world what I see every day. They are warriors. They make us what we are.

“Likewise the supporters who came to St Mary’s. The away end. Wow. After all the travelling, spending, time off work… all the sacrifices to follow and support us… they were on their toes and our 12th man from beginning to end. They are not to compare.

“And this team is not to compare. I was asked after the FA Cup final win where I thought this Liverpool team ranked among the greatest in history. I can’t remember what my answer was but given where my head was it probably wasn’t impressive. And I get this question a lot.

“So let me answer now: it’s unique and does not need to be pitted against any other.

“Because this team, this set of players, are all about the present. We respect our past and we are excited for our future. But these special, special, special boys are about the here and now. They live for the moment.

“It’s why they’ve achieved such remarkable things this season already. It’s why when the whistle goes for kick-off everything that has gone before won’t matter and everything that could come after will be ignored. They will play the moment right in front of them. They will compete like crazy. It’s what they do. They’re my heroes, to be honest.

“I said earlier, when the work is done we should celebrate each other and show appreciation to each other regardless of what the ultimate outcome is. It’s so important. We are a community.

And it’s important I use this column, on behalf of all the staff and the players, to pay tribute to the even tighter group we have around us as individuals, and that’s our families.

“Without the support of those who love and care for us at home we would be nothing. I know I would be lost for sure. Without Ulla and my two boys, I would be nowhere. They make it all make sense. And it’s the same for all of us so privileged to work here. Our families make sacrifices so we can shine. For us, days like today are about showing appreciation for them also.

“None of us can make promises this afternoon beyond the commitment we make every day that we represent Liverpool Football Club and that is to do our very best. We give all we have and see what happens.

“But one thing is for sure: we won’t ever give up. We won’t give up in games. We won’t give up on competitions. We won’t give up today. We won’t give up next season either. Or the seasons after that. This club never gives up. We keep going.

“Sometimes we suffer together, sometimes we share joy together.

“For us it’s always about the journey. It’s a shared journey. It cannot be taken away from us and presented to someone else and engraved with their name on it. This is ours and we should cherish it.

“From my heart, which is full of love and anticipation, I thank everyone who’s joined us on the journey so far this season. You’ve been great travelling companions. And we haven’t finished yet.”

It’s everything you want to hear.

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