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Klopp’s New Contract Adds “Stability” for the Transfer Market

A major positive amidst a sea of positive was discussed in Klopp’s pre-Newcastle press conference

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Jürgen Klopp manager of Liverpool after signing a contract extension at AXA Training Centre on April 28, 2022 in Kirkby, England
Jürgen Klopp manager of Liverpool after signing a contract extension at AXA Training Centre on April 28, 2022 in Kirkby, England
Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

While most of us have been thinking about Jürgen Klopp’s new contract in terms of more of the same for as long as possible when it comes to style of play, challenging for trophies, and the general feel-good factor of having a man like Klopp at the head of the club, it’s also an incredible and explicit positive for the club’s business.

Early on after the news broke, many optimistic conspiracy theorists recalled Mohamed Salah’s contract-related comments, wherein the Egyptian noted that the contract talks stalling was “not all about the money.” Is it possible, perhaps, that Salah wanted to make sure he would be tying himself to the best possible version of Liverpool — one under Jürgen Klopp?

While there has been no movement in that area, Klopp did directly address the impact his contract would have in the transfer market during his pre-Newcastle press conference.

It makes sense [to sign a new contract] now because it’s important that a lot of people know early what’s going on.

It’s good for transfer windows. We cannot guarantee success, we can guarantee stability and it’s, in these difficult times, a big thing to guarantee.

That’s why I think the moment is the right one.

It’s a good place to join, if not the perfect place. We want to offer emotion, we want to deliver excitement that you can really buy into.

This is only the start, that’s the plan.

There’s a lot there to give you even more happy tears (if you have any left).

First, the explicit reference to stability over the long-term suggests the succession-planning is central to Klopp’s plans with the club. There certainly will be a time (a long, long way away in the future) when Klopp is no longer the manager of Liverpool Football Club, and a seamless transition to the next manager (rather than the fall of a precipice that happened when our mates in Manchester moved on from Sir Alex Ferguson) is crucial to maintaining Klopp’s legacy.

But beyond the logic of that is the simple fact that these concerns mean we will be buying more players, and having Klopp on-board for the long term both makes it a lot easier to compete for the top names and to make Liverpool an attractive place to go more generally.

In emphasizing that Liverpool under Klopp can guarantee “emotion” and “excitement,” the boss again shows us both what he brings to the club and how much he “gets” Liverpool.

Perhaps the most positive, of course, is the final comment. “This is only the start.” Is right, Jürgen. And long may it continue.

We are in a very positive mood as a family, the coaches as well, we are all really happy.

We really love being here, we want to help the club be as successful as possible, as long as possible. This became home for us, the area, the club and that’s why we want to stay longer.

Us too, Jürgen; us too.

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