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Agent’s Flippant Tweet Kicks Off Salah Contract Drama

The force of cryptic comments to start transfer rumor furor remains unrivaled

Mohamed Salah of Liverpool during a training session at AXA Training Centre on March 10, 2022 in Kirkby, England.
Mohamed Salah of Liverpool during a training session at AXA Training Centre on March 10, 2022 in Kirkby, England.
Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Big, big sigh.

This morning Jürgen Klopp commented on the lack of movement in Mohamed Salah’s contract situation, seeming to suggest an impasse, albeit one he suggests he is not stressed about.

Klopp’s exact words were as follows:

I think Mo definitely expects this club to be ambitious, we were in the last years and we are… no, of course we cannot do much more [in the talks], that’s how it is.

But I don’t think it’s about that, I think meanwhile it is Mo’s decision pretty much; I think the club did what the club can do, that’s how it is. There’s nothing to say about it, it’s all fine.

From my point of view it’s exactly like it should be in this moment in time and everything is said. Nothing happened further, so no signing, no rejection or whatever. So we just have to wait for that, it’s completely fine. There is no rush in that situation.

Given Salah’s comments to GQ previously, which suggested he was waiting on the club to offer a better deal (“I want to stay, but it’s not in my hands. It’s in their hands. They know what I want. I’m not asking for crazy stuff.”), this could be analyzed as a breakdown in progress, though not much of substance has been declared.

The real media (social and regular) kick-off began after Salah’s agent, Ramy Abbas Issa, tweeted a set of laughing emojis, seemingly in response to the Liverpool manager’s comments.

The heaviest of sighs.

Given the stakes involved, this flippant tweet released a storm of rumors on Salah’s contract.

It’s possible the club is unable or unwilling to pay Salah what he’s asking. It’s also possible that negotiations will return at a later and more appropriate date. It’s hard to know.

No decision has been reached — that much is clear — and none will likely be reached any time soon.

If you want to experience the transfer rumor mill outside of a transfer window, however, now is a great time to troll the “Liverpool FC News” search windows and scroll through

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