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Sadio Mané Pays Hospital Bill of Injured Child

The story of Mané’s kindness came out following his heroics in the African Cup of Nations.

Senegal wins 1st Africa Cup of Nations, beating Egypt 4-2 on penalties Photo by Haykel Hmima/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

It’s no secret that Sadio Mané, in addition to being a fantastic football player, is also a wonderful human being. His philanthropic efforts have been noted over the years, but now we can add another heartwarming story to the list.

Recently, it came out that while in Cameroon playing in the African Cup of Nations, Mané encountered a distraught family while at the hospital. The player was receiving treatment for a head wound after Senegal’s match against Cape Verde. The family in question were upset because their child was in life threatening condition after being hit by a motorcycle.

According to a guest on Cameroonian television after Mané scored the decisive penalty to win the cup for Senegal:

“The [family] was in distress because a motorcycle had hit their child who had broken bones and injuries all over his body; he was close to death and his parents could not afford to pay for treatment.

“Sadio, who was in this hospital finds this grieving family and asks them what is going on. We explain the situation to him and he gave them 400,000 FCFA which relieved this family.

“I believe that this blessing was rewarded today by GOD.”

At a time when it feels like we only hear about footballers doing terrible things, discovering this act of charity is like a balm for the soul.

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