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Andy Robertson Discusses New Addition Luis Diaz

Andy makes Diaz laugh

New Liverpool Signing Luis Diaz Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Moving to a new team is always difficult. In Luis Diaz’s case, he’s moved to a new country and to a team that has aims on being the best club in the world. It can be even more difficult when someone moves to a new country and doesn’t speak the primary language. Thankfully in Diaz’s case Liverpool has some spanish speakers and funny guys like Andy Robertson around.

“He doesn’t speak much Scottish, that’s for sure!” Robertson said. “He sits next to me in the training room but his English is very, very little.

“The people who speak Spanish are helping him settle in a lot. I can help, I just kind of smile and laugh at him and try to make him feel comfortable.”

The welcome video Liverpool put out had Pep Lijnders welcoming Diaz in spanish and portuguese. Thiago is obviously Spanish, so that’s a good buddy for Diaz to have. Also, fun fact: James Milner speaks spanish with his kids so they can learn another language.

What sort of jokes do you think Robertson is making with him?

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